168 TOEFL Essay Writing - Practice On the Go - Model Tests

168 TOEFL Essay Writing - Practice On the Go - Model Tests

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a€œ168 Toefl Essay Writing - Practice On the Go - Model Testsa€œ is a perfect book for you to prepare your TOEFL writing test. Especially if you are very busy and have little opportunity to set aside enough time and sit down for practice because writing is very time consuming. With a€œToefl Writing - 168 Topics - Model Testsa€œ, now you can prepare TOEFL Writing anytime anywhere on the go, it makes your every minute count. The main problem for most candidates getting low performance in writing is they don't get enough language input(high quality sample essays) and output. Besides, it is very important for you to practice writing the essays before you take the test. You should practice as many times as you can. You may know too well the reason why the given time is too short for you to complete the writing tasks, which is only because you need more practice but you simply don't have the time. a€œToefl Writing - 168 Topics - Model Tests a€œ is trying to solve these problems. Here is how, when you have a few extra minutes, for example, waiting for a bus or someone, on a short trip or in a boring meeting, etc, you can take out your Smart Phone, Kindle or iPad to start your essay. It helps to keep track of your time, your word count, these are key factors in the real test. The cool thing is you can leave it anytime you want. It can save everything you need and you are feel free to continue your essay next time. This book is written teachers. It covers 168 model independent writing tasks from TOEFL iBT and the corresponding sample essays composed by foreign experts. To be specific, the 13 topics offered range from Life and Health, School and Education, Work and Success, Money and Gift, Hometown and Construction, Family and Children, Recreation and Leisure, Media, Enterprise and Management, Development and Change, Animal and Plant, Land and Resources, and etc. Features - 168 current TOEFL Writing topics -Selected model writing tasks are perfectly similar to real ones -A variety of topics widen your horizon by reaching into the width and depth of life -Provide you with practical and useful writing materials - Provide Introductions, Tutorial, Vocabulary, Sample Essays for TOEFL writingTopic 35: Some high schools require all students to wear school uniforms. Other high schools permit students to decide what to wear to school. Which of these two school policies do you think is better? Use specific reasons and examples toanbsp;...

Title:168 TOEFL Essay Writing - Practice On the Go - Model Tests
Author: Loughe He
Publisher:Loughe He - 2015-06-24


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