Advanced BlackBerry Development

Advanced BlackBerry Development

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BlackBerry devices and applications are selling by the millions. As a BlackBerry developer, you need an advanced skill set to successfully exploit the most compelling features of the platform. This book will help you develop that skill set and teach you how to create the most sophisticated BlackBerry programs possible. With Advanced BlackBerry Development, youa€™ll learn you how to take advantage of BlackBerry media capabilities, including the camera and video playback. The book also shows you how to send and receive text and multimedia messages, use powerful cryptography libraries, and connect with the usera€™s personal and business contacts and calendar. Not only will you be learning how to use these application programming interfaces, but youa€™ll also be building a program that takes full advantage of them: a wireless media-sharing app. Each chaptera€™s lessons will be applied by enhancing the app from a prototype to a fully polished program. Along the way, yoa€™ll learn how to differentiate your product from other downloads by fully integrating with the operating system. Your app will run in the browser and within device menus, just like software that comes with the phone. Once you are comfortable with writing apps, this book will show you how to take them to the next level. Youa€™ll learn how to move from running on one phone to running on all phones, and from one country to all countries. Youa€™ll additionally learn how to support your users with updates. No other resource compares for mastering the techniques needed for expert development on this mobile platform. What youa€™ll learn How to write sophisticated BlackBerry applications All about integrating with the device so your program behaves like a native app When to leverage advanced Java specification requests (JSRs) for cryptography, media capture, messaging, and more How to tie into the device contact list, calendar, and tasks Understanding the Research In Motion (RIM) security model and complex security processes How to quickly and easily port to many device types How to work with multiple devices across multiple countries Who this book is for The ideal reader will approach this book after completing Beginning BlackBerry Development, but intermediate-level programmers may start directly with this book. Readers are expected to have some previous experience with programming for mobile phones, optimally the BlackBerry, but they need not be experts. Readers will include both hobbyists and professional developers; they may be motivated by curiosity, a desire to solve a particular problem, or the enhancement their skill sets and careers. Table of Contents Getting Started Media Capture Media Playback Wireless Messaging Cryptography Personal Information Browser Digging in Deep RIM Security Porting Your App Advanced Build Techniques ConclusionMost BlackBerry devices have access to the public Internet, and depending on how the device is configured, most users will be able to add personal email accounts to the device. This requires configuring the mail client for the device, anbsp;...

Title:Advanced BlackBerry Development
Author: Chris King
Publisher:Apress - 2009-12-14


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