How To Do Things With Logic

How To Do Things With Logic

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In the past 15 years a host of critical thinking books have appeared that teach students to find flaws in the arguments of others by learning to detect a number of informal fallacies. This book is not in that tradition. The authors of this book believe that while students learn to become vicious critics, they still continue to make the very mistakes they criticize in others. Thus, this book has adopted the approach of teaching the construction of good arguments first and then introducing criticism as a secondary skill. Moreover, the emphasis of the book is not on learning to name fallacies, but on being able to identify weaknesses in an argument so as to be able to construct an effective critique of that argument. The book is accompanied by a workbook featuring a wealth of examples to help students acquire the material.In the previous chapter we dealt with two essential preliminaries to writing an argumentative essay: identifying your ... you might develop for your class assignment: The cost of books required for college courses should be included in tuition.

Title:How To Do Things With Logic
Author: Grant Luckhardt, William Bechtel
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2014-02-25


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