The Used Car Buyer's Manual

The Used Car Buyer's Manual

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According to CNW Marketing/Research, 53 million used cars were sold in 1994 in the United States alone. By the end of 1999, CNW forecasts the used car market will soar to 63.5 million units as the rising cost of new cars forces millions into second-hand cars. Millions of people need car-buying information every year in a market destined to increase. THE USED CAR BUYER'S MANUAL offers this much needed car-buying information. Divided into three parts, part one shows how to buy a car from a private party. Part two details how to buy a car through a dealer. In the third part, UCBM offers advice on how to sell your car along with tips designed to keep your car running problem free. The UCBM also offers a vehicle inspection checklist designed to be photocopied for the reader's convenience. But the most impressive information UCBM offers is its Directory of Reliable Used Cars Appendix. UCBM shows you which cars are reliable by listing over a hundred models a then taking the best in each class a offering them as the creme de la creme. Contact Marketing Director Dave Austin, P.O. Box 830, Newbury Park, CA 91319. 805-499-7828.Chevrolet Cavalier 1984-a#39;94, Chevrolet Nova 1985-a#39;88, Dodge Colt 1980-a#39;94, Geo Prizm 1989-a#39;94 (previously Nova), Honda Civic 1980-a#39;94, Mazda 323 1986-a#39; 94, Nissan Sentra 1982-a#39;94, Plymouth Colt 1980-a#39;94, Subaru Justy 1987-a#39;94, Toyota Corolla 1980-a#39;94, and Toyota Tercel 1984-a#39;94. ... There you have it: the best of the best Sure, there are plenty of other reliable used cars on the market, and if youanbsp;...

Title:The Used Car Buyer's Manual
Author: David J. Buechel
Publisher: - 1995


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